Posts From Beyond the Grave: Halloween Makeup Tutorials

Hi dahhhlings – Mells here to take a look some of the best tutorials my dear ghoulfriend, Eva, has featured on her site throughout the years. Join me me as we dive right into some classics, some scares, and some too good to pass up trying.

1. Thinking Costume: Jessica Rabbit, Original Ginger Jessica Rabbit has always been a favorite of mine. From her sultry talk to her sexy walk, Jessica has been a staple in the cult classic film world, as well as the Halloween costume world. The makeup tutorial is a seemingly easy one to bang out – and you will be too if you follow the easy steps above. Be sure your Jessica Rabbit is one for the books this year by following the easy steps in the link above and be the hit of the party with this tantalizing lewk.

2. The Joke’s On You: DIY Harley Quinn Makeup Tutorial Daddy’s Little Monster has been a Halloween favorite for years. With Harley Quinn’s many looks to choose from, she’s been one of the most popular characters to dress up as for Halloween and conventions alike. From the original HQ with her wacky court jester getup, to the updated Suicide Squad take of Margot Robbie, this tutorial tops my list of favorite lewks on originality alone.

3. Welcome to Casa Venom: Easy DIY Makeup Tutorials In honor of this month’s release Venom, this tutorial takes a deep look into creating one of the most amazing Venom lewks I’ve seen in like … ever. Being a huge Marvel nerd, I am glad Venom is getting the recognition it finally deserves – does anyone recall Topher Grace’s comical Venom in Spider-Man 3? With Tom Hardy taking the helm at this version of the Spidey split off, this lewk is guaranteed to turn heads at any Halloween party this year.

4. If You Go Down in the Woods Today: Evil Teddy Bear Makeup Tutorial If you’e looking for more scares than sexy this Halloween season, check out this perfectly terrifying lewk from Bridgette Houska. She brings to life a most spooktacular teddy bear that is sure to haunt anyone’s dreams, child or not. But let’s try to keep the kids out of it for this one – if not to just avoid any future PTSD.

5. In Their Eyes, Oracular: 1920’s Vintage Vamp Makeup This tutorial stood out to me as one of my favorites for two reasons: 1 – anything vintage immediately captures my heart and 2 – the lewks featured in this are not only visually gorgeous, but also creepy as they are a glimpse into Halloween of days past. If you are looking for old Hollywood glam with a bit of macabre then I suggest this lewk for sure.

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  1. I decided long ago that I would wear a mask so I could be lazy but I am thrilled that the Venom pic made it in and if I had ambition I would have been Venom for sure.

  2. Mells, I love this! Thanks for the fabulous article recommendations for Halloween makeup!

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