Friday Night Features: “The Old Chair” Short Film

Drew Daywalt Horror Short The Old Chair

*adjusts tie*

Dear Year of Halloween fans and Friday movie aficionados,

I, Acadia Einstein, have been given the privilege of delivering the first scary movie of the month of October.  Eva is off haunting someone and left me sort of in charge.  And because this month is special, I am playing it completely straight.  No fooling around.  This is serious scary business.

The Old Chair is better made than one would think a movie that is only three minutes long would be.  It’s about someone getting a free chair from a craigslist ad and doesn’t end up where you think it will.  And it has a moment that made me really squirm.

I can’t tell you anymore than that as it is only three minutes long and I can’t do any spoilers.  But I can try to make up for you getting stuck with me instead of Eva by calling you “darlings” or “lovies” or something like that.  Probably doesn’t come across the same when I do, it but I will give it a shot.

Happy October, pumpkins!  This movie is our first offering to Halloween.  This is our time to shine (darkly) and I hope you come along with us for the whole month.  Perhaps you would like to rest a bit before we go.  I have an old chair you can sit in….

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11 replies

  1. So much fun! Thanxxx for a Great Blog Post!

  2. Nice, cool little story and great make-up fx!

  3. I love all of Daywalt’s horror films. They are all so fantastic and so much better than these big screen “horror” movies Hollywood keeps putting out.

    • Agreed. I started doing this weekly horror shorts feature for that exact reason – so many interesting, innovative, independent shorts out there that are using story and mood to create horror, instead of relying on big budget CGI.

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