I’ll Help You Out, Here’s What You Do: 31 Days of Halloween Activities

The 31 Days of Halloween Activity CardsDarlings, we have 24 days to go until Halloween and I know some of you are, like me, counting down every day til the big event! We’ll be posting something new daily here on TYoH (and don’t forget our big Halloween Costume Contest!), but just for you, our beloved Acadia Einstein has put together a collection of Halloween Activity Cards, featuring 31 Days of Halloween Activities!

Each card features a different darling, spooky activity for the month of October, as you can see in the sample I stole from Acadia Acadia was kind enough to let me borrow.  There’s a new card published daily, so go get caught up, then check the Halloween Activity Card section on Superficial Gallery every day to keep your Halloween countdown on track!  It’s practically a Halloween Advent Calender (if anyone was looking for that kind of thing), and Acadia is offering a prize for whoever completes the most activities by the end of the month.  Happy haunting, kittens!

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  1. This is how I picture prize selection taking place.

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