The Face That She Keeps in a Jar by the Door: DIY Head in a Jug Tutorial

Mikeasaurus Instructable Head in a Jar

Darlings, if you’re looking for an April Fool’s Day prank, you can’t get much more devious than this simple DIY head in a jar from Instructables user Mikeasaurus. With a color printer, a large jar, and just a bit of lamination, you have a portable head perfect for placing in unexpected locations for your friends and family to stumble across.  Of course, for our purposes here on TYoH, this also makes a devilishly easy Halloween prop – perhaps an aged specimen to add a little spooky je ne sais quoi to your mad scientist lab, haunted carnival, or dusty cabinet of curiosities? Simply click over to Instructables for step-by-step instructions, and happy pranking haunting!

DIY Head in a Jar Instructable via Mikeasaurus

(via Laughing Squid)

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  1. So utterly creepy – love it!

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