31 Halloween Activities #1: Start Decorating Before It’s Too Late!

This doesn’t have to be you.  You have literally MONTHS to get ready for decorating your house for Halloween.  I know you might not be in the spirit yet but now is the time to find some bargains.  In fact, I’ve assembled some handy tips to make sure that your head start pays off.

  • Halloween Activities - DecoratingMake sure you buy those spiderweb things whenever you see them. NO EXCEPTIONS. Those things will make anything look scary.  Last year I stuck my neighbor to a tree with them and his sad moaning added a lot of spice to my yard display.
  • Spend most of the summer trying to figure out a better way to stick the styrofoam gravestones into the ground.  You won’t actually do anything, but it is fun to think of all the ways you could improve on the little spindly plastic things they give you.
  • Go to Michael’s and all the other craft stores and buy their old Halloween junk for huge discounts.  Then sell it on craigslist in September. Then use your profits to buy more spiderwebs.
  • Halloween is on a Friday this year, so make sure you work out your strategy.  Since the kids will go out on Friday you probably need to take the day off.  You can’t bury yourself in the front yard between the time you get home and the time the kids start showing up.  Get out there early.  Dig deep!

Happy Halloween (in 7 months)!

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9 replies

  1. Great tips! I’d best get moving

  2. You forgot to mention my favorite tip. Start by planning a Halloween build that you neither have the time, skills nor tools to build. Then spend the next seven months drinking beer in the garage and end up hanging unopened packages of spiderwebs on low-hanging branches at the last minute.

  3. Sooo…what you’re saying is that some of you STOP decorating for some period of the year?

  4. Halloween on a Friday — hell yeah!

    Halloween minds think alike! Only yesterday I was thinking, “Gee, how am I going to do it up this Halloween? I need some new stuff!” Thanks for the tips! Yes, I think I’ll take that day off — hahaha! The count down continues…

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