I Am Doll Parts: Bizarre DIY Nightlight

Doll Head Nightlight by Mark MontanoWith 164 days til Halloween, now is a great time to try out a few creepy DIY projects that can be hidden away til October…or proudly displayed for the next five months, depending on how nightmare-inducing the craft (and how unabashedly bizarre you like your home decor). And come to think of it, unabashedly bizarre is a pretty good description of today’s unconventional craft project from designer Mark Montano.

The combination of old doll head and cheap nightlight makes for some perfectly macabre DIY, particularly if creepy dolls give you a chill. Best of all, the popularity of porcelain dolls in the 1990’s means a visit to a thrift store or two should yield most of your materials for less than $10. Watch the video below for the complete DIY tutorial and visit markmontano.com for more craft projects.

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