Affix Thine Eye: Using Contacts to Enhance a Costume

Eva Halloween from The Year of Halloween in The Host contact lenses via

Kittens, there are many ways to take a simple costume over the top: Just the right accessories, show-stopping makeup, a perfectly timed cultural reference. One especially effective trick of makeup artists and cosplayers is the use of special effects contacts. Once expensive and challenging to acquire, quality cosmetic lenses can now be purchased quite easily for as little as $25 in a dizzying variety of colors and effects.

Faced with such an abundant selection, it can be hard to decide on a pair, so I was thrilled when the nice folks over at offered to send me a few samples. They have a pretty thorough collection, from simple colored contacts and iris size-enhancing circle lenses to dramatic special effects lenses. Of the ones I tried, a pair of gold-green lenses from The Host was my hands-down favorite. Effective even on my dark eyes, they flashed an eerie gold when the light hit them, creating a subtle supernatural effect that would enhance any costume of a paranormal nature.

The possibilities are really endless with cosmetic lenses, whether you are looking for a subtle enhancement or the over-the-top malevolence of a movie theater monster. Still unsure? Here are tutorials from Emma PicklesMichelle Phan, and Courtney Little Cosmetics for three completely different Halloween looks that take advantage of specialty contact lenses to push them over the top.

If you’re considering a pair of specialty lenses for Halloween, Eyesbright was kind enough to offer a 10% discount just for TYOH readers – simply enter coupon code TYOH10 at checkout. For our US and international readers, Eyesbright also offers free shipping worldwide on orders over £30 ($48), just make sure to order soon to receive in time for Halloween!  As always, remember to exercise proper care and hygiene when using cosmetic lenses, and consult with the manufacturer’s website or your eye care professional if you have any concerns. Happy haunting!

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9 replies

  1. Oh boy… remember the end of the Thriller video? Watch, rewind, watch, rewind…

  2. If I didn’t get so squeamish at the thought of putting something on my eye, I would SO love to wear some of these lenses! I’m afraid I’m a coward, sweetie. 😦

  3. This sounds much better than what I was doing before
    *puts eyeball stencils and spray paint in trash*

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