31 Halloween Activities #6: See a Ghost

Halloween Activities Card 6 See a Ghost

Ghosts don’t usually appear when the weather gets warm.  Think about it.  You ever heard of a haunted beach?  How about a hut?  Nope. Haunted places are usually rickety and cold.  Well, I guess except for the St. Augustine Lighthouse. That place is supposed to be haunted as hell.  As a matter of fact, back when I watched Ghost Hunters (before I learned the real story which I should totally tell you about some time) the episode they shot there was the most compelling (and least fakey) one I ever saw.

So that is ONE ghost in a warm location.  The rest are all in cold places. Minsk.  Maine.  Manitoba.  M is the letter of haunted places. Mausoleum.  See?  In fact, the only warm M place I can think of is Manila and I am not going to think of anymore because it will really hurt my theory. Michigan!

Oh, and in case you thought I was going to leave you hanging on the whole Ghost Hunters/St. Augustine Lighthouse thing, I offer you the whole episode below. But before you watch it, let me tell you how it works so you know what to skip and what to watch.  The things you should watch have asterisks.

  1. Ridiculously contrived setup where they “hear about the case.”
  2. *Tour of the facility by someone from there who tells them about all the Haunty stuff.*
  3. The Ghost Hunters stand around talking about their wires and cameras and whatnot. They explain it to each other for the umpteenth time in great detail so we also know. Tedious.
  4. One half hour of the Ghost Hunters bumbling around in the dark asking each other if they heard something.
  5. Excruciating footage of the Ghost Hunters reviewing the 457 hours of tape they produced during the investigation. Have you ever noticed they don’t “go into a room,” they “investigate” the room.  Like, if one of them is wandering around the yard saying things like: “Are you dead?  Are you mad that you’re dead?  Are you my grandma?” while waving around a tape recorder, they will say they were “investigating” in the yard.  My gah I hate them.
  6. *The lieutenant Ghost Hunters telling the boss Ghost Hunters what they found.*
  7. *The Boss Ghost Hunters showing the client what they found.*
  8. Stupid “driving away and thinking about ghosts and stuff” scene at the end.

Judge the ghost stuff on your own.  And if you decide that there is a ghost in the footage then congratulations.  You can cross this activity off your list!

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6 replies

  1. That episode got me interested in that show and yes, it is on of the least fakey they have ever made. Most of that show wasn’t all that fakey until the later seasons. It clearly got to be more about ratings and less about ghost hunting as the show wore on.

  2. You know, I still think these trading cards are just brilliant. Every time one pops up it makes me happy.

  3. I think they should make 10 minute versions of all of these episodes with just the mildly creepy stuff. The rest is so boring I can’t even.

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